Ayobiyi Shote

Ayobiyi Shote is a former Managing Director, Baker Hughes Incorporated, West Africa and is known for his leadership skills & strategies which have contributed to the growth of the organizations he has been a part of.

His people management, interpersonal and consultative leadership skills have seen him form dynamic partnerships with employees and customers that has given rise to innovative solutions and eventual sustained operational growth. Over the years, He has developed advanced business strategies that drive consistent organizational growth.

In addition to his ability to maximize profits, he has also reinforced operations through strategic decision-making, resource management, and cost containment. He wields the dynamic ability to motivate employees towards delivering on operational expectations, inadvertently increasing customer satisfaction.

With a background in Engineering, he has over 19 years of cumulative experience in the global oil and gas industry, spanning Sales, Marketing, Applications Engineering, Operations, and Strategic Management. He has worked in several countries, notably, United Kingdom, France, and Oman in differing Management roles.

He has an MBA from the University of Liverpool and a Master of Arts 'Leading Innovation & Change' from York St John University, UK.

He is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and a member of the Institute of Directors, both in the UK. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Credit Administration, Nigeria.

Ayobiyi Shote

Wilson started his career in the Oil and Gas industry in 1988 as a Logging Geologist with Baroid Logging System which later was Baroid Sperry-Sun Logging System, eventually transitioning into Running CoPilot Tools (Drilling Optimization) in Baker Hughes operations from 1995 to 2016.

He excelled in the high-risk/high-reward environment and moved into supervising high pressure operations internationally by 2009, where he maintained an excellent track record of completing critical operations. He is a founding partner of 365 Energy Tech Solutions Limited.

Ayobiyi Shote

Michael Lamidi Akanbi worked as a Delivery Schedule Supervisor at Lydoline chemical and allied products plant for 2 years from 1999' to 2001 and grew to become the assistant manager in the same department. He was then seconded to the subsidiary company weather shield paints and Products which he led the for 5 years.

His unique ability to think outside the box coupled with his time management certification helped him meet critical delivery targets, develop more customers via consumer feedback practices which inspired the creation of new products. This increased the company's shares and maximized profit by more than half after he took over as GM production and delivery.

After the completion of his MBA in Marketing Research at the Rome Business School italy , he joined the Italian runway engineering company Corex Italia in Ancona from 2008-2013.

Within this period, his engineering background plus a good knowledge of key players in both public and private sector in the oil rich southern states of Nigeria's Niger Delta, led him to initiate the conceptualization of the Bayelsa airports' initial design and helped open talks with SACE for the Italian government's funding of the State's international cargo Airport. He also worked as the communiitee's commitee liason team leader on the cargo Airport project worth $500m.

He has since then consulted on many state govenment projects at various levels creating investment opportunities for PPP projects across board.

He is a founding partner on the 365 Energy ETS board because of the company's mission statement and the pedigree of her team which aligns with his passion for innovative solutions.